Puerto Penasco Mexico



Bella Sirena Starts at $95.00
Casa Blanca Starts at $80.00
Princesa Starts at $70.00
Marina Pinacate Starts at $45.00
Las Palomas Starts at $190.00
Las Gaviotas Starts at $85.00
Las Palmas Starts at $70.00
Sonoran Spa Starts at $100.00
Palacio del Mar Starts at $105.00
Encanto Starts at $135.00
Sonoran Sea Starts at $120.00
Sonoran Sun Starts at $107.00
Sonoran Sky Starts at $117.00
Luna Blanca Starts at $85.00


Penasco Del Sol Starts at $99.00
Laos Mar Starts at $55.00
Playa Bonita Starts at $65.00

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Auto Insurance Puerto Peñasco Mexico (Rocky Point)


If you are traveling into Mexico, you are required by law to have Mexican Automobile Insurance. It is possible that you are covered by your U.S. Policy (physical damage only, Liability is still required by Mexican Law). If you want to ask your carrier you'll need to tell them that Puerto Peñasco is approximately 62 Miles across the U.S./Mexican Border, and is declared a "Free Zone".


Having an auto accident in Mexico can be a felony, rather than a misdemeanor.


Whenever you are involved in an automobile accident in Mexico, you must immediately be able to prove financial responsibility.


This may only be done in either of two ways:

  1. Immediate Cash to cover all damages OR
  2. An approved Mexican insurance policy.

All Citizens driving in Mexico are subject to the laws of Mexico. Your U.S. liability policy, even if it bears a limited Mexican endorsement, is not recognized by Mexican authorities.


Having Mexican Automobile Insurance is just a plain good idea.


There are many Insurance Agencies out there AAA is the most expensive and all the rest are about the same plus or minus a couple of bucks.


We think that GetMexicanInsurance.com (It's us) is the best way, and easiest way to go. The policy also has $20,000 legal aid included in the policy.


If you are traveling right away:


You can nowGet a FREE quote or a Policy right onlinewithout even having to talk to anyone, or if you want, give us a call for an even less expensive rate for Mexican Auto Insurance.


We Can Fax, Email, or Regular Mail out your policy within minutes of preparing your policy.
If you have you Vehicle Identification Number (found easily on your registration) and your Plate Number.
In most cases we can process you Policy in just a couple of minutes!
Give us a call at 1-800-713-6259

Get Mexican Insurance