Puerto Penasco Mexico



Bella Sirena Starts at $95.00
Casa Blanca Starts at $80.00
Princesa Starts at $70.00
Marina Pinacate Starts at $45.00
Las Palomas Starts at $190.00
Las Gaviotas Starts at $85.00
Las Palmas Starts at $70.00
Sonoran Spa Starts at $100.00
Palacio del Mar Starts at $105.00
Encanto Starts at $135.00
Sonoran Sea Starts at $120.00
Sonoran Sun Starts at $107.00
Sonoran Sky Starts at $117.00
Luna Blanca Starts at $85.00


Penasco Del Sol Starts at $99.00
Laos Mar Starts at $55.00
Playa Bonita Starts at $65.00

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Manager's Notes


Hello Everyone,


Thank you for visiting our site! We really, really, really, really, hope that you have a great time in Rocky Point and hope that our site was a help in making some decisions for your visit.


I'm going to go over some of the basic issues that I feel are important information "tid bits" that you need when traveling to Mexico, Rocky Point, and traveling in general.


Managers Mexico info. & Tips:

  • Medicine is given over the counter. If you are going to bring some back you'll legally need to have your prescriptions. That includes penicillin, I think it's a good idea to find out (from your doctor) if you are allergic to penicillin first if you plan on using it.
  • Don't brush your teeth with the water.
  • Don't use your middle finger as a hand gesture to anyone in a uniform.
  • Drive slow at night.
  • Don't drink and Drive.
  • Be kind in Mexico (poor attitudes get bad results in Mexico, unlike the U.S.).
  • Most things take forever in Mexico (that's life ,we all have to deal with it).
  • Use common sense.
  • Lock your doors and watch your money as if you were in the U.S.
  • If you drink be with friends. (same goes anywhere)
  • Leave your guns, illicit drugs, and ammo at home. (They are Illegal in Mexico)
  • Use your Visa & MasterCard when you can for a better exchange rate.
  • Mexico's low, middle, & high income class are mixed together throughout the neighborhoods, with mostly low incomes. The look of Mexico is very mixed and mismatched.
  • The native language in Mexico is Spanish not English.



Managers info. & Tips on Rocky Point:

  • Rocky Point has been a fishing village for over 80 years and Tourism for only the last 15 years. Don't expect great services & service everywhere.
  • Rocky Point has been in high demand. The price usually reflects demand. (as of January 2010, the prices have pretty much reverted to 1995 to 1998 prices)
  • Rocky Point is not as nice as San Diego, and Rocky Point is closer, less crowded, and a lot less expensive over all.
  • Rocky Point is getting nicer, bigger, and more fun every day.
  • Rocky Point's best Hotel for your money is Peñasco del Sol. (again don't expect too much, Rocky Point is still starting out, the prices are based on demand.).
  • Rocky Point's best Condo's are tied between Sonoran Sea & Las Palomas. All are nice and each have their own charm. (Princesa is also a great place to stay.)
  • Fill your gas tank in Sonoyta. The gas is incredibly cheaper, and refined in the U.S.
  • Get Mexican Insurance, if you don't have insurance and there is a dispute about who is at fault, you will be detained until all damages and "Fees" are paid in full (even if you are injured).
  • Plan your vacation ahead, this may save you money and will guarantee you a place to stay. Demand has been high in Rocky Point, so it is possible you could end up without a room if you don't have a reservation.
  • 1's & 5's are easier to make change from, (they also look like a lot of money when stacked). I suggest using 1's and 5's for haggling and purchasing arts, crafts, t-shirts, fish, and whatever you are buying from a small vendor.
  • If you are not used to the Taco Stands then consider staying away from them.
  • Water served in the restaurants is bottled and most of the time ok. Do what I do and put a squeeze of lime in the glass to take care of the unexpected. (I do that at the greasy spoons in the U.S. too)
  • The native language in Rocky Point Mexico is Spanish not English.


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