Puerto Penasco Mexico



Bella Sirena Starts at $95.00
Casa Blanca Starts at $80.00
Princesa Starts at $70.00
Marina Pinacate Starts at $45.00
Las Palomas Starts at $190.00
Las Gaviotas Starts at $85.00
Las Palmas Starts at $70.00
Sonoran Spa Starts at $100.00
Palacio del Mar Starts at $105.00
Encanto Starts at $135.00
Sonoran Sea Starts at $120.00
Sonoran Sun Starts at $107.00
Sonoran Sky Starts at $117.00
Luna Blanca Starts at $85.00


Penasco Del Sol Starts at $99.00
Laos Mar Starts at $55.00
Playa Bonita Starts at $65.00

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Before you Go.......


Before you leave on vacation we put together some tips you might want to go by!


Prepare your vehicle for road trip....


- Make sure you have a mechanic check fluid levels, brakes, air conditioning, belts, and all hoses. Also it is a good idea to have a spare tire or even some fix-a-flat. An emergency kit for the vehicle is good too. Jumper cables, flashlights, motor oil, gloves, and small tools are great essentials.


Mexican Auto Insurance....


- Please have this ready before you enter Mexico, just in case.

- Click here to purchase your insurance


At home....


- Arrange for pet care and plant care. You want to leave plenty of food for your indoor pets or make plans for a "pet sitter". Also for your plants, have someone come over to water your plants while away, that way they are still living when you return.


- Make sure your house looks like someone is home. Its a good idea to leave some lights on while away.


- Leave your keys and itinerary with a friend/relative. Just in case of an emergency, its always good for someone to be able to get ahold of you if need be.


-  Lock all windows and doors. While you are gone, make sure all windows, doors, and even the garage are locked so your house will be burglar free!


- Notify the local police of your absence. When on vacation its nice to know the local police will periodiclly check the premisses of your home and make sure of no funny business.


- Have a trusted person pick up your mail. While away, have someone you trust pick up your mail to avoid theft. It helps to avoid fraud and/or identity theft.



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